The Perfect Two Point Sling For People Who Like To Carry With Confidence And Comfort!

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You never know when you're going to battle with your rifle. With this sling you'll be able to have total confidence and KNOW that it's not going to fail you!

Get the Features You Need To Make This Your Favorite Sling! 
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Due Military Standardards And Material We Are Only Able To Sell And Ship Within The USA.
Watch the video so you can see how easily it can be installed to your rifle!
(It can also be attached the same way to QD swivels or any attachment you choose)
Get the Rifle Sling Today, And Never Worry About failures!
  • Unlimited Attachments And Connections: Directly Attaches To ANY hardware such as QD's, HK hooks or what ever you want! If for some reason those attachments ever failed you or break, you can directly attach this sling to your rifle. This is HUGE because you can now never worry about your attachments failing you, you always have a plan B option.
  • Directly Attach: Start out with the most secure option, directly attach this sling to your rifle and rifle attachment points built in (Such as stock and handguards)
  • Lifetime Warranty: You wont have any issues, but SHOULD something happen we cover our slings for LIFE. Never worry about buying another sling again.
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Add (2) QD Sling Swivels To Your Order. Yes, Add TWO USA made push button sling swivels to my order for just $27! These are 1.25" wide and match perfectly with the slings we sell.